Here are some of our happy Kodabow customers. If you’d like to send us your photo and testimonial for use on the website, please fill out our Contact Us form!

Bob Heine - Pennsylvania

Kodabow has delivered for me season after season. Ive been fortunate to shoot some terrific deer over the last few years with my Kodabow. This is a Pennsylvania deer. I have absolute confidence in my crossbow!

Bob Heine, Pennsylvania

Jim Aken - New Mexico

Kodabow - proven in Africa many, many times. The Kodabow team knows their stuff. A high performance product. There is a book available for purchase at Kodabow that explains everything. The name of the book is: : "Its all about the Arrows!"

Jim Aken, New Mexico

Judy Lesch - Ohio

First time out with my Koda-Express, didn't get the big buck but was able to harvest an 8 pt! The following year, I was more successful and took this monster with my Kodabow.

Judy Lesch, Ohio

Patrick Elswick - West Virginia & KB Outdoors

Bear hunters appreciate Kodabow reliability. Hunting hundreds of miles from an archery shop and a nicked bowstring can result in a panic attack change your string in the field in 5 minutes on a Kodabow. This is my first bear killed with a Kodabow Bravo Zulu.

Patrick Elswick, West Virginia & KB Outdoors

Hilary - Delaware

Wow! This big bodied buck showed up and I made the shot from my ground blind with my Kodabow. My husband is still impressed. Thank you Kodabow.

Hilary, Delaware

Ken Koos - Michigan

Received my Bravo Zulu today just as they said, and I want to thank Chuck and everyone involved with the best crossbow on the market! I sighted in at 20 yds and 30 yds...1 inch high... amazing! A big ooo-rah! Semper Fi

Ken Koos, Michigan

Henry Wallis - Louisiana

I am the proud owner of a Kodabow Big Rhino Crossbow. I agree with you by far it's the most accurate crossbow I've ever shot. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! I read numerous articles about your company and did my homework before I made my purchase. I am very impressed with the accuracy and construction of the crossbow and tell anyone that will listen. Last week I had my AC at my house serviced. I was shooting at a target exactly 40 yards away and the repair guy asked if I was hitting the target? I said not only am I hitting it, I'm hitting bullseyes every time. He didn't believe me. So I told him to go pull the arrows out and I'll put all 3 in the bullseye again. He went and pulled them out and said that all 3 were in the bullseye, but he said he didn't see me shoot it. I said that I was planning on shooting again. So I shoot all three bolts again and I had him go pull the arrows again and again all 3 were in the bullseye. He was so impressed he took down the name of the crossbow and I gave him your web address and the name of the store I purchased my crossbow from. He said he is sold and is eager to get one before season. This crossbow sells itself through its unbelievable accuracy and first rate construction. I wouldn't trade my Kodabow crossbow for any other crossbow out there, period.

Henry Wallis, Louisiana

Ted  - Pennsylvania

Very accurate and always dependable. This is the best crossbow made. I shoot the Koda-Express and am extremely pleased.

Ted , Pennsylvania

Don Shipley - Eastern Shore, Maryland

I have used many weapon systems as a Navy Seal. This crossbow worked so well, I had the confidence to hunt after one practice session and Kodabow delivered a great result with this young man!

Don Shipley, Eastern Shore, Maryland

Don Kendig - Pennsylvania

I am on a streak with my Kodabow. I never miss and the last 6 consecutive shots have dropped game on the spot. This is a nice sized Russian Boar and I am totally impressed with accuracy and power.

Don Kendig, Pennsylvania