Don’t drive yourself crazy attempting to sort out the right hunting crossbow for yourself. If you are average build, go for a Koda-Express or Bravo Zulu. East of the Mississippi – Koda-Express for the whitetail woods …..but out West, maybe the Bravo Zulu. If you are large framed and strong and don’t plan to shoot many arrows in a session, look at the Big Rhino. If you are stout but smaller framed and appreciate a reduced size bow for maneuverability, look at the Zulu Scout.

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  • Koda-Express ER Illuminated Scope

    Color Options : Brown Digital
    Weights : 185 lb

    • Top Seller! A Popular Choice! Candidly, this is the bow that many hunters should purchase. It is very manageable to cock and shoot.
    • We remember killing a 500 lb waterbuck in Africa at 32 yards with a bow that shot the same weight arrow 20% slower than the Koda-Express ...... and every year, hunters kill huge bears with this model.
    • The Koda-Express hunting crossbow in 185 lb draw weight is an exceptional choice with an attractive combination of speed, weight and ease of use.

  • Bravo Zulu ER Illuminated Scope

    Color Options : Black, Brown, or Camo
    Weights : 200 lb

    • Why is the Bravo Zulu one of our top selling crossbows? Because, when folks experience this crossbow in shooting situations, they are impressed with the low sound signature, accuracy and solid feeling.
    • The 200 lb Bravo Zulu is in a sweet spot where many shooters find that the scope reticles match up perfectly to 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards when using the Kodabow Magnum .338 arrows.

  • Zulu Scout - Illuminated Scope

    Color Options : Black, Brown, or Camo
    Weights : 200 lb

    • Similar to the Bravo Zulu in a slightly smaller package yet retaining all the desirable characteristics of our proven Classic Bravo Zulu.
    • The Zulu Scout is a solid and dependable performer and made in the USA, that delivers exceptional ballistics and accuracy with a straightforward Kodabow design concept that eliminates many moving and complex parts found on many crossbows.

  • Big Rhino ER Illuminated Scope

    Color Options : Black, Brown, or Camo
    Weights : 225 lb

    • Hunting crossbow, 225 lb draw weight. Includes an upgraded 3x32 scope with multiple aiming points.
    • This is the big boy in the Kodabow crossbow line. It provides flat trajectories and the highest kinetic energy levels.

  • Alpha Strike ER Illuminated Scope

    Color Options : Black or Camo
    Weights : 125 lb or 155 lb limbs available

    • These Alpha Strike models are popular among target shooters and deliver exceptional accuracy.
    • Includes illuminated 3x32 scope with the legendary geometry of all Kodabow crossbows.
    • Check with Kodabow by phone or email since this category covers a range of crossbows.

  • Bare Bow

    Color Options : Color dependent on model selection.
    Weights : All models.

    • Bare bow. No optics.

  • What people say about Kodabow Crossbows

    Bear hunters appreciate Kodabow reliability. Hunting hundreds of miles from an archery shop and a nicked bowstring can result in a panic attack change your string in the field in 5 minutes on a Kodabow. This is my first bear killed with a Kodabow Bravo Zulu – Gold Tip Arrows and a G5 broadhead.

    Patrick Elswick from – West Virginia & KB Outdoors
  • What people say about Kodabow Crossbows

    My guide down there said “where da hell did you get dat thing” meaning the Kodabow! lol He watched me stalk it, and kill it, he was shocked at the speed of the arrow, and thought I would miss due to such a far (45 yard) shot! He was impressed, as am I. This is a 220 pound Russian boar. It went only 15 yards.

    Nick from New Jersey
  • What people say about Kodabow Crossbows

    Accuracy has a new definition – KODABOW!! This bow is everything Kodabow told me it would be and more! I shot a doe and 8-pointer 2 days apart, and neither one made it past 40 yards. Devastating accuracy, power, and quiet! Thanks Kodabow!

    Rick Bylo from Michigan

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