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  • Hellrazor 3 blade broadhead - 100 grains


    Hellrazor 3 blade fixed broadhead. 100 grains.

  • Killzone Mechanical Broadhead (100 grains)


    Killzone 2 blade Mechancal Broadhead (100 grains)

  • VPA 2 Blade Broadhead - 150 grains


    (HIGH DEMAND - JUST SOLD OUT!) If you are thinking Elk, consider this broadhead. For the MAXIMUM penetration in a game animal, a 2 blade broadhead is the choice. Think HEAVY ARROW + 2 BLADE BROADHEAD + WEIGHT FORWARD IN THE ARROW. In our view, this is simply the best 2 blade broadhead you can buy. It is all steel and the ferrule runs all the way to the tip ..... well there really isn't a ferrule. The whole broadhead is machined out of a solid piece of carbon steel. Kodabow offers this broadhead style in both 150 and 200 grain heads. See product page to learn more.

  • What people say about Kodabow Crossbows

    Bear hunters appreciate Kodabow reliability. Hunting hundreds of miles from an archery shop and a nicked bowstring can result in a panic attack change your string in the field in 5 minutes on a Kodabow. This is my first bear killed with a Kodabow Bravo Zulu – Gold Tip Arrows and a G5 broadhead.

    Patrick Elswick from – West Virginia & KB Outdoors
  • What people say about Kodabow Crossbows

    My guide down there said “where da hell did you get dat thing” meaning the Kodabow! lol He watched me stalk it, and kill it, he was shocked at the speed of the arrow, and thought I would miss due to such a far (45 yard) shot! He was impressed, as am I. This is a 220 pound Russian boar. It went only 15 yards.

    Nick from New Jersey
  • What people say about Kodabow Crossbows

    Accuracy has a new definition – KODABOW!! This bow is everything Kodabow told me it would be and more! I shot a doe and 8-pointer 2 days apart, and neither one made it past 40 yards. Devastating accuracy, power, and quiet! Thanks Kodabow!

    Rick Bylo from Michigan

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