Matt Hershey - Pennsylvania

Matt Hershey


Matt Hershey is 100% first class when it comes to crossbow hunting and found Kodabow before the company produced its first crossbow. Expert in food plots and deer/turkey hunting. Matt purchased a Koda-Express 185 and has put that Kodabow through the grind, taking deer and turkey in the mountains of Pennsylvania. After extensive use, his original Kodabow is going strong and now his entire hunting camp is shooting Kodabow crossbows. Matt’s grandma even gets a few shots in at the family picnic. Matt has an agricultural background and maintains food plots and has guided Versus TV personalities (KB Outdoors) in Pennsylvania. Many Kodabow Pro Staff team members were Kodabow customers first and then became passionate about Kodabow. Email Matt if you’d like to contact him.


Joe Palumbo - New Jersey

Joe Palumbo

New Jersey

Joe is a serious hunter and his choice is the Bravo Zulu for his hunting pursuits. He has plenty of trigger time at the practice range with archery equipment and can provide terrific perspective on accuracy and shooting. In fact, he has logged thousands of shots with a Kodabow. He is experienced in deer, turkey, and bear hunting in New Jersey, plus does a little whitetail taxidermy and surf fishing in his spare time. Joe also hunts with the muzzleloader and shotgun. After New Jersey legalized crossbow use in 2009, Joe took interest in crossbows for whitetail deer hunting, which offered another alternative to his vertical compound bow. Joe is always preparing for his next hunt and enjoys the opportunity to share information about Kodabow, field tactics, and hunting equipment. You may email Joe or call him at 609-439-9769.

Mark Gurnee - Pennsylvania

Mark Gurnee


Traditional archer and crossbow hunter who prefers and is very successful in stalking game with binoculars and getting real close. With solid opinions on what works based on years of hunting experience, Mark is the classic hunter. When the rest of the world seems to move to the beat of treestands and the quest for the fastest and most powerful hunting equipment, Mark knows best that when it comes to hunting, it is ultimately the skill of the hunter that matters most. When deer walk past Mark at 3 yards as he holds his traditional 170 fps recurve bow that has killed many nice animals, we know Mark probably has forgotten more hunting know-how than many of us will ever discover. When crossbow hunting, Mark’s greatest asset (next to his Kodabow) is his Swarovski binoculars, as he silently and quietly moves through the woods. Mark’s knowledge of the Kodabow product performance is unsurpassed. Mark can be reached at 484-947-5471.

Chuck Matasic - Founder, CEO

Chuck Matasic

Founder, CEO

Chuck grew up with an intense passion for hunting and started archery hunting with a Bear recurve and then migrated to compound crossbows in 1980. His extensive hunting experience helps shape the Kodabow product line. When it comes to practical hunting experience, Chuck, like others on the Kodabow Pro Staff, have been there, tried different things and done it. With experience stalking game in Africa, hunting mulies and antelope in Wyoming, hunting ducks in Louisiana or chasing turkeys in Pennsylvania with his Kodabow, hunting is a big priority and Kodabow counts on Chuck for insights into what really works in the field. Chuck brings a solid knowledge of firearms and archery to Kodabow, and it shows up in small things in the Kodabow product offering. You will find Chuck and his beloved, Lab, Sam, at trade shows shooting Kodabow. Chuck can be reached through the contact page on this website.