6 Reasons to Choose a Recurve Kodabow Crossbow!

I asked a dealer why his customers liked their Kodabows so much. He replied, “Every game animal they point a Kodabow at ends up on the ground dead.”

At the end of the day or more accurately, at the end of the hunt and specifically when a hunter has decided that conditions were right to take a shot, the best, most desirable and only acceptable outcome is for a quick and clean kill. Don, pictured above, purchased a Kodabow nearly 4 years ago. During that time, he has taken 6 shots at game animals – most recently, he let a Kodabow Magnum .338 arrow fly and killed the Black Bear shown in the picture this June in Canada.

Let’s recap Don’s hunting results during the past 4 years.

  • 6 Game Animals (4 deer, 1 Boar and 1 Bear)
  • 6 Shots
  • 6 Kills
  • All 6 animals traveled 30 yards or less
  • Zero events of bow repair or failure

He has achieved a 100% crossbow success rate and that is not unusual among Kodabow hunters.

Don follows our recommendations and uses Killzone 100 grain mechanical broadheads on Kodabow Magnum .338 arrows with his Kodabow Bravo Zulu – he obviously takes his time and executes perfect shot placement. In the bow hunting world of arrows and game, going 6 for 6 with very short recovery distances (< 30 yards) is CRAZY AMAZING!

We say that as we learned this same month that another hunter took a Cape Buffalo in Africa with a Kodabow and the 2,070 lb Buffalo traveled only 35 yards before piling up after a modified Kodabow Magnum .338 arrow hit the mark. Not surprising for Team Kodabow.

Ask Don if he is confident with his Kodabow? He will bend your ear with a very positive assessment…..he sold his well advertised BIG BRAND NAME compound crossbow when he bought his Kodabow 4 years ago and never looked back! Well done Don!

Be safe in the field. My best,
Chuck at Kodabow Crossbows