The Politics of Hunting

Little Michael is 12 years old but not real big for his age. He is consumed with hunting and his eyes light up when the talk moves to whitetails, bows and camping. At 12, he is old enough to take the Hunter Education Course and legally hunt. He has a compound bow set at 20 […]

“Real Obvious” Turkey Hunting Tips

Turkey hunting?  OK we go! The key word is “obvious.” Most turkey articles Chuck Matasic of Kodabow with a nice9″ beard, 22 lb. Spring gobbler taken at 35 yards on 14 May 2013 after calling the bird intorange with a slate call. He stayed quiet as the bird made the final approach. focus on calling the […]

5 Things about Crossbows

It will help a prospective purchaser of a crossbow make a decision when they understand what a manufacturer’s intentions are. At Kodabow, the objective is to make a dependable, accurate crossbow that is safe and will perform well in the most challenging hunting conditions. Similar to the “laws of physics”, we discovered a few “rules” […]

A Great Outdoor Show Falls Apart Kodabow Shooting Lane – ESOS 2012 Yesterday morning, we determined that it was necessary for Kodabow as a company to withdraw from attending the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA. This was based on the last minute and unexpected change in the show’s format involving the […]

Late Season Archery

Late Season. Many hunters can’t wait until snow is on the ground, the temperature is below freezing and the woods have that special stillness of a crisp winter day. Big bucks who can survive the archery season and the several week gun season will eventually find a wintertime safe zone. It is challenging to sort out […]

“Iron Sights on Crossbows”

 Iron Sights ? Not really …… the first thing you notice is the new KodaBRO Sight contains a lot more high tech gadgetry than what your dad had on “Old Bessie.” This is a fiber optic sight with four crossbow aim points calibrated for 30- 40 – 50 – 60 yards using our Kodabow Magnum arrows and […]

Accuracy Basics

Accuracy BasicsSome shooters are very focused on accuracy. Here is a checklist that might help your shooting results.1 – The scope must be mounted correctly. One quick way to check your scope is to place a carpenter’s level across the top of your limb pockets and orient the crossbow to a perfectly level position. Use […]

Ruger Invests in Kodabow Pictured is our good friend, Rick, who lives in Michigan with a few of his favorite shooting tools. Nothing says Made in America like a Ruger .44 Magnum, a Ruger M77 in .30-06., and a Kodabow Big Rhino crossbow.   Long ago, when this writer was 16 years old, Dad and […]

Target Shooting in the UK We  started following the shooting exploits of a new Kodabow target shooter in the United Kingdom. He shared a story with us that we found very interesting and we decided to print his narrative in full detail. Thank you Sean  – congratulations on your finish!“It’s a windy wet Saturday morning and […]

33 Elements in Crossbow Performance

Many crossbow buyers only look at a few specs and make a quick purchase decision. Mark Gurnee – builds triggers and crossbows at Kodabow. Kodabow people are hunters. Let’s examine how it all works and look at some of the important elements that need consideration for “satisfying” crossbow hunting. Crossbows are complex – as complicated as a modern semi-automatic […]

Archery Trade Show – 2012

Kodabow just returned from the 2012 Archery Trade Show held this week in Columbus, Ohio. (January 2012) We had a great show. This is an “industry show” and is primarily attended by the media, manufacturers, dealers and distributors. It is an opportunity to stand on a carpet for 8 hours a day over three days. […]

Hunting, Crossbows and the Funny Stuff

Success — you have taken a nice animal and it’s picture time. Some of the best memories are the funny things and the funny people you meet along the way before the photos are taken. When in Africa and being introduced to my PH (professional hunter) by the Head PH, he said you will enjoy […]

Little Leap of Faith

“Little Leap of Faith” might be required to select Kodabow amidst the numerous crossbow options that exist. We haven’t been around forever …. but if it makes you feel better, know that a good percentage of our customers are very experienced and have been shooting brands in the past that have been around longer —- […]

Kodabow Crossbows – Pt. 2 The Exotic Conclusion

Part 2 – The Exotic Conclusion The picture is Brad, the Kodabow CFO, with his Kodabow Koda-Express 185 and a large Mountain Sheep. More about Brad in a minute. As previously reported, my Corsican Ram was on the ground, I went to get some transport help for hauling the animal back to camp. It was […]

Kodabow Crossbows Chase the Exotics

Part I – The Setup Late Dinner. The meal is pan butter fried Corsican Ram harvested just yesterday. Yes….it is the middle of August. Nightime temperatures are dropping to the 60’s in Central Pennsylvania and the regular fall hunting season is still several weeks out. Listen to me ….. I avoided those crazy “high fence” […]