Realville, USA

Welcome to Realville, USA. It is where we live at Kodabow.  When Jim Aken talked to us in early 2014 about heading to Africa to shoot a Hippo and asked if we had a Kodabow up to the task, we replied that while our current lineup would be fine for anything in North America, we […]

Confessions from a Stupid Hunter

The “Great Outdoors” will frequently make the best intentioned hunter look like a fool. When you venture out there, you always have the potential to damage equipment, cease logical thinking, lose valuable gear and sometimes hurt yourself. That is just the way it is. Sometimes “foolishness” can be hazardous to one’s health as shown by this revolver […]

Do the Research and Buy a Crossbow

If only it was that easy. Two years ago, we were attending various trade events and were amazed at the performance of a unique crossbow manufactured by a leading crossbow brand name at the time. That’s Chuck Matasic at the NRA Show with a Kodabow in Desert Digital.  We weren’t so impressed with the bow’s shooting […]

So you want to hunt Bear?

A Kodabow Crossbow is an ideal choice for Spring Bear  hunting. In many places, the preferred method is hunting Black Bear over a bait site and with trail cameras in use, the hunting possibilities are exciting. There can be a good sense of what to expect with an understanding of projected animal movement patterns as the norm. We have […]

Jim Shockey is a Patient Man.

Hal Shockey, Chuck Matasic and Jim Shockey in 2003. Hal died last year – 2013 at 86 years old. Dinner was over but the guides kept talking about the need to make a good shot on these Black Bears. “If your shot is just a little off, be ready because your guide will be ready with […]

Make the shot EVERY TIME!

On weekends, our Kodabow factory range is used for archery instruction. We watch hundreds of shooters process information, develop form and shoot at targets.Whether shooting a traditional bow or a crossbow, here are 2 obstacles every shooter needs to overcome to make the critical shot – every time!Scenario One:  At 15 yards, our friend Mary Jane (name […]

Making an Impression

Chuck (L) & Kyle (R) with the big smile! Trade shows are a big part of the outdoor industry. Since the same vendors see each other frequently over many years, friendships are formed. A year or so ago, Kodabow attended a show in Maryland at a County Fairgrounds. Instead of staying in a hotel room […]


100% Genuine and Authentic is a huge compliment when dealing with people or products.  At Kodabow, it is our culture to be straightforward and we are rewarded with customers who feel very positive about our company and product. This was in an email this morning and is pretty normal around here.“Just dropping a note to […]

Kodabow Hunter of the Year 2013 – Jim Aken

Each year at Kodabow, we name and recognize our Kodabow Hunter of the Year. Jim’s Kodabow next to William’s Kodabow in Africa. William is Jim’s PH. (Professional Hunter.)  The award is based on significant accomplishment in the field with a Kodabow Crossbow.  In 2012, Nick Stumpo was our Kodabow Hunter of the Year for his exceptional […]

18 Yards on a Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning, 12 October, 2013 Editor’s Note: Listening to a hunter describe his deer hunt is never as good as writing your own story. At Kodabow, our goal is to support you in your hunting endeavors so you fully achieve your hunting ambitions with great equipment and positive outcomes.I first scouted the property 2 years […]

5 Unique Perspectives Learned while Making Crossbows

Kodabow with a Cheekrest and HHA Optimizer  1. Prison Time. Folks can make mistakes in life. A real bad mistake which results in a crime and a prison sentence can mean the loss of the right to own a firearm. But what happens when a the individual returns to the straight path, pays a debt to […]

Blackhawks, Veterans and 1/2 MOA

Jeff was a stand up guy. 8 years in the military with a current assignment as the Crew Chief on a DAP (Direct Action Penetrator) Blackhawk helicopter. Think about 30mm guns that shoot bullets the size of beer bottles and a mini-gun that shoots .308’s at 6,000 rounds per minute. Today, he was volunteering to help out […]


SNAKES. SNAKES SNAKES. The 10×42 binoculars were up as I scanned the foothills for mule deer and antelope. What happened next set the benchmark for the “lowest situational awareness” a hunter could ever have. If this was school, I would score an F. As I stood on the ridge and lowered the binoculars, I realized […]

Changing Lives

In the archery business, you gain many perspectives on how arrows and bows can change people’s lives.   Last week, we received a very nice letter from a Kodabow owner and archery instructor who was working with young people. It was very positive. The story was simple. Imagine a group of youngsters casting arrows downrange with […]

Alpha Strike Target Bows

Target Shooting in the United Kingdom Alpha Strike bows are the lightest bows Kodabow makes and span a draw weight range between 125 lbs and 155 lbs.The objective is to make a crossbow that is easy to cock by hand (or real easy using a cocking rope) but can still deliver respectable speeds. In some […]