Lessons from Last Evening’s Hunt

January Bow Season and a snowstorm in the forecast arriving this evening. There is probably not a better time to hunt. I traveled to a location not far from the Kodabow facility with the intent to fill an antlerless deer tag for the freezer. At this particular hunting spot and in these perfect conditions and deploying […]

“Old Bows and 5 Reasons to Love Them”

1965 ….52 years ago. The Federal Debt was $322 Billion. US troops were sent to Vietnam — by the end of the year, there would by 190,000 troops in country. The first spacewalk by an American (Ed White) and the Rolling Stone’s “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” reached #1. If you were alive back then, most […]

Deer Hunting 100 Years Ago.

100 years ago — there weren’t too many deer running around the woods …. at least in Pennsylvania. Deer were scarce and the mere sighting of a deer would have made the local paper in some regions. Needless to say, if a hunter was fortunate enough to actually kill a deer, the proud hunter would […]


Hunting Season 2016 Kickoff(West Chester, PA 13 September) Here is our September newsletter. We are so excited! My goodness – as a hunter, I have a super mental outlook heading into this Fall season and my hope is that you feel the same way!  So far, it has been a tremendous year. One highlight was Big […]

Animal Behavior – A Perspective

When talking with a Kodabow friend recently, the subject of “Wildebeests” came up. Jim had just returned from Africa where he successfully killed a Cape Buffalo with a Kodabow Crossbow. (Truly an unbelievable hunt.) Jim and I were discussing the variety of animals encountered on a typical African hunting trip. Compared to North America, Africa […]

Spring Bear Hunting – It’s Time!

Spring Bear. Next week, Spring Bear opens up in Quebec. There was still some snow a week ago and getting bait sites established at Lac Suzie presented some challenges but everything is on course for a great season according to Serge Dapra who owns this camp in Northern Quebec.We know Serge from the NRA Oudoor […]

EVERYBODY has problems! (Really?)

Let’s say his name is Harvey. We had a chance to talk crossbows. I make the darn things. As an Outdoor Writer, he hunts and shoots them.Like most Outdoor Writers, there is a passion for the fishing and hunting game so the conversation flowed freely.I asked him how he did last year. (Today, we all […]

March is Gear Prep Time — Nothing else to do!

March is an ideal time to take a realistic assessment of your gear — or take the dog for a walk because there is nothing better to do for a few weeks before Spring Turkey season kicks in. Sam as a young pup! He has worked the 9 day NRA Show for several years now. […]

Looking Forward – No Regrets

When hunting seasons ends and the calendar turns over, I always think about the past Kodabow year and all the events and friends that crossed our path.  Here are a few pictures from the scrapbook of living, hunting, and reflecting on life. We introduce a lot of folks to archery on our Kodabow range facility. […]

A Sad and Woeful Tale High in the Rockies

It was a big Elk high on a ridge.  The first week of archery season in Colorado and the big fella acted as if he owned the place. He did. He was surrounded by 7 cows and periodically bugled as the sun was setting. His antlers reached far back to his rear quarters. He was […]

The Secret Life of Outdoor Writers

Outdoor Writers are, by nature, colorful folks and knowledgeable about all things hunting and fishing.   Outdoor Writers at the Pennsylvania Outdoor WritersAssociation Meeting in Seven Springs, PA this past weekend. These days, they need to be clever as well. Gone forever are the days when every teenager anxiously awaits the monthly arrival of their favorite outdoor magazine. […]

Texas Logic

Sometimes, a person or organization gets lost looking at the trees and never sees the forest. There was a very thoughtful post by a reader on our Kodabow YouTube site that we thought was worth reposting in full. Written by a Kodabow follower in Texas named Braxton S. after reviewing our “Hunting Hippo with a Kodabow” video. […]

Do You Ever Write the Company?

Most folks don’t take the time to write companies except when things go bad.  Real bad. Like an airline losing your hunting gear right before your 10 day Wyoming hunting trip. it is understandable. People are busy. That’s me with a Kodabow and a Spring Gobbler.   Fact is many companies today just don’t care. […]

5 Ways to Wreck a Hunting Trip

Bad News. Big Trouble. Here are a few mistakes and actions that should be avoided at all costs.   The Big Buck  called “Whaletail” that was illegally tagged by a hunter.  All 5 are guaranteed to ruin your day.#1 – Being “less than truthful” with a Wildlife Fish and Game OfficerThese men and women have a […]

The Final Hunt

Life – an arrow flying through the woods. This is a snapshot about two fine men. Bob Walker pioneered hearing protection with the founding of Walker’s Game Ear –a company he eventually sold. You will never find an individual with a more positive outlook.  These men both had a great run but unexpectedly, their arrows found […]