2 Reasons Hunters Miss!

Part of hunting is missing. Not good. But there is a reality we need to face and simply stated, “Not every projectile will fly to the precise point the hunter expects.” There is always an explanation but frequently, the explanation is not correct. Wind, the bow, deer movement etc. are all reasons hunters will talk […]

The Quiet Time of Year

It was a very good 2016 hunting year. Our Kodabow users had tremendous success with our product and all the news was good. For the most part, hunting seasons have winded down — today, we find many of our Kodabow friends either planning next year’s hunts, getting equipment straightened out after a busy season or […]

6 Reasons to Choose a Recurve Kodabow Crossbow!

I asked a dealer why his customers liked their Kodabows so much. He replied, “Every game animal they point a Kodabow at ends up on the ground dead.” At the end of the day or more accurately, at the end of the hunt and specifically when a hunter has decided that conditions were right to […]

Kodabow People and What They Say

What Shooters Say ……………. Sure — we shoot crossbows a lot at our factory but here are the top three things we hear from shooters about Kodabow when they offer us their objective impressions. #1 – Kodabow is amazingly accurate. “When I when I went back and shot my other crossbow, I just could never […]

Making Crossbows in 2010

News from Kodabow …… we are now very pleased to shift emphasis towards putting bows out in the field with hunters and shooters. We will be at the Pennsylvania Crossbow Festival later this month on July 25th and are now engaging dealers who are interested in representing Kodabow in local markets.Our West Chester, PA Distribution […]

One Opinion – Illuminated Optics

Everyone sees things differently. When it comes to illuminated optics, it is evident that green or red illuminated reticles have a certain “cool factor”. This is always true when friends are checking out your latest hunting tool.But what happens in the field may be another story. When circumstances permit, perform the following test. Be in […]

Use Shadows to Your Advantage

Whether stalking on the ground or setting up in a tree stand with a climber, use the projected position of the sun as it moves across the sky to help conceal your movement by keeping yourself in the shadows. Better than any camo pattern, it means looking for and easing into the shadows cast by […]

Staying Grounded

In the 70’s, a company named Baker was one of the first to make a portable climbing stand. The company is not around today but they commercialized a great idea. Deer hunting and especially bow hunting went “aerial” in a big way…into the trees…high above the game trails. The Baker Climbing Treestand shipped in a […]