The Kodabow Blog: Notes from the Field

Inspired by a Business Card

Kodabow shot for 9 days straight at the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show that ended yesterday. We sent about 1500 arrows downrange during the 9 day show from a single Koda-Express 185. No issues. None expected. Met some great folks. We were limited to a 15 yard range distance and quickly realized that to make […]

Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show 7 February

Rob showing his shooting style on a rail from his rugged hunting chair. He is on the staff at Able Outdoors and with his Press Pass, stopped by early before the show opened– these guys at Able Outdoors show that being in a wheelchair can’t stop a dedicated hunter. Rob was one of our first […]

Taking Kodabow Video

Kodak makes a small video camera that sells for approximately $150 that is a nice way to take outdoor video. The camera can shoot in high definition (HD)….and has some limits for distance but we find it interesting. Here is a video in “slow motion” taken with the Kodak rep’s assistance during the Eastern Sports […]

Last Day of the Season

13″ inches of snow that made plenty of noise when walking, a light swirling windand a temperature cold enough to keep most critters hunkered down in their beds meant the opportunity to fill a doe tag would be long shot ….. and that is the way 2011 ended. Snow makes the outdoors special ….. following […]

Photos by Mirko @

Mirko getting ready to launch an arrow downrange at the Archery Trade Show – January 2011. It wasn’t a 40 yard shotbut he did hit the bullesye.He is shooting a Bravo Zulu with special production snakeskin limbs. Very sharp photos !Craftsmanship shows. Kodabow Big Rhino in Mossy Oak Breakup hanging in the Kodabow booth with […]

Dangerous Game Rifles & Crossbows

I was having lunch with a gent who hosts a popular TV hunting show who was about to leave for Africa to hunt Cape Buffalo – Dangerous Game. It would be his first buffalo. During lunch, my friend was flipping through flashcards that showed proper shot placement from different angles. At lunch …. are you […]

Snakes and Antlers

A sunny day and I was high on a ridge in Wyoming glassing for mule deer across the burnt orange foothills. More focused at 1,000 yards than the immediate surroundings, THERE IT WAS — I somehow managed to walk up on a large rattlesnake that was now coiled no more that 5 inches from the […]

Crossbow Marketing 101 – Avoid the Skunk

As we pulled out of the parking lot after the Archery Trade Association Show in Indianapolis this week, I reflected on how much of our success depends on getting our message out and putting our crossbow in user’s hands. We never get tired about talking about Kodabow and that is an important character trait at […]

Crossbow Shooting and Flintlocks

Good shooters have good habits. A firearm requires a high level of attention and focus.When shooting a flintlock or muzzleloader, even more awareness is required. When a shooter is distracted by conversation for example, it is all too easy to skip the step of dropping a powder charge down the barrel. Miss this key step […]

Bowhunting 38 years ago …………

In the early 70’s, I had the good fortune to be invited to hunt a farm in Southern Maryland. For a young midshipman at the Naval Academy who loved to hunt, this was absolutely heaven. In 20 minutes, providing I could find a way to sneak off, I would be in the woods and temporarily […]

Cold Weather Hunting – Don’t blame Gurnee!

Jim, You can’t blame my hunting partner, “Tatonka” for our 2010 poor results. We have been successful in the past . Tatonka told me ,”we are leaving at 2 AM so be ready to go…. because the truck pulls out at 2 AM. ” Naturally, I made sure to be sitting in the right front […]

Hunting with a Kodabow – Turkey Report

Here is a photo of a successful outing with a Kodabow …. and I certainly wish it was me that was pictured with this fine whitetail but the Kodabow HQ guys seem to be holding out for the time being and are now looking forward to the late winter Pennsylvania archery season. We headed out […]

A Hunter’s Spirit

We know a hunter that can’t wait to get into the woods. He enjoys good equipment and takes great pride in being proficient in all matters technical. He debates the advantages of different broadhead types and takes the time to practice to ensure he shoots with high accuracy.He is now a Kodabow hunter. At our […]

“High Speed – Low Drag” Deployment

So a Kodabow user takes his Kodabow apart for air travel and puts it back together when he gets to his hunting site. He calls in and says, “I have to hand it to you guys, I reassembled the bow and it was right on target – perfect.”Translation — Kodabow precision.It makes us think about […]