The Kodabow Blog: Notes from the Field

Crossbow Hunting – Learning from Experience

Who is the wiser hunter? When you are out in the field, your skills will likely improve if you pay attention to the older, wiser hunter as shown in this photo.The keyword is “wiser.”Dumb folks won’t teach you much and can be dangerous especially around things that shoot bullets or arrows. Here are four items […]

Little Leap of Faith

“Little Leap of Faith” might be required to select Kodabow amidst the numerous crossbow options that exist. We haven’t been around forever …. but if it makes you feel better, know that a good percentage of our customers are very experienced and have been shooting brands in the past that have been around longer —- […]

Kodabow Crossbows – Pt. 2 The Exotic Conclusion

Part 2 – The Exotic Conclusion The picture is Brad, the Kodabow CFO, with his Kodabow Koda-Express 185 and a large Mountain Sheep. More about Brad in a minute. As previously reported, my Corsican Ram was on the ground, I went to get some transport help for hauling the animal back to camp. It was […]

Kodabow Crossbows Chase the Exotics

Part I – The Setup Late Dinner. The meal is pan butter fried Corsican Ram harvested just yesterday. Yes….it is the middle of August. Nightime temperatures are dropping to the 60’s in Central Pennsylvania and the regular fall hunting season is still several weeks out. Listen to me ….. I avoided those crazy “high fence” […]

Crossbow Secrets Revealed !

So you want to buy a crossbow? Pictured is a Kodabow Crossbow hanging amidst the hundreds of items available at a typical archery shop. Based on research, here is what we found to be important in making your purchase: 1 – Shoot the crossbow: sounds simple but its not and most crossbows are sold without […]

Kodabow Crossbow Review on a Bear Hunt

A gentleman and writer named Daniel James Hendricks recently went on a Bear hunting trip and wrote a nice review of our product. He successfully took a Black Bear but equally important (at least to us folks at Kodabow) is that this man really “got it” when it came to understanding the Kodabow crossbow. You […]

Crossbow Hunting with Confidence and a Kodabow

There is nothing more important than confidence in the field. When we first met Patrick Elswick, he simply said “I found about Kodabow, had a chance to shoot your crossbow, and I want to hunt with Kodabow.” He could have picked a number of different crossbow companies. At Kodabow, we see thousands of hunters and […]

Toss a Dog Two Biscuits ……..

Toss two biscuits to a dog at once and most dogs will miss both of them most of the time. One biscuit is always caught on the fly time but get 2 in the air and the excitement of tracking the 2 inbound targets results in system overload and both biscuits fall to the floor. […]

All about the Arrow

A Kodabow crossbow is all about casting an arrow (or bolt for those who prefer) downrange accurately. At the moment the crossbow trigger releases the string catch, the high speed forces of stored kinetic energy are transferred from the limbs and string to the arrow and the whole shooting process shifts to being all about […]

Hunters, Friends and the “Meaning” of Kodabow

Pictured is a good friend, Jake, who passed away this month at the age of 14 years and 3 months. This photo was taken in his younger days. He was truly a dedicated partner and patiently taught everyone that he knew more about bird strategy than any two legged hunter could ever hope to learn. […]

HUGE …. for some shooters

This is a picture of a Kodabow front end. If you own a Kodabow, you know about this “piece” because it required two bolts to attach these limbs during initial assembly of your crossbow in order to shoot. (We ship the limbs strung. If you purchase a Kodabow in box at your dealer, it only […]

Targets & Crossbows Working Together

At Kodabow, we shoot crossbows all day long for product testing and development. A durable crossbow target is mandatory. Kodabow chooses Big Shot Targets for our indoor range and field demonstrations. The same need for proven performance is required at a target maker like Big Shot Targets. Al Perelli (L) of Big Shot Targets […]

“Crossbows That Work”

Kodabow issued a Press Release today describing our “Crossbows that Work” campaign. It means that we expect our crossbows to keep you in the hunt. Never let you down. Be a friend. Even when things go wrong like when a broadhead nicks a string. Just change the string and keep going. “Koda” is a Native […]

How far can I shoot ?

We often get asked the question regarding “how far can I shoot?” A gentleman said that he had been chasing a big buck in the last year and he could get no closer than 60 yards. No closer ….it was always 60 yards. He asked if our bow could help him. He was currently shooting […]

Philadelphia Outdoor Show – 19 February 2011

Shooting with the Philadelphia Soul Cheerleading Squad – and by the way, she made the shot. Mark demonstrating how to destring a Kodabow. Brad and Mark always ready to help. Christina getting ready to take a shot.