The Kodabow Blog: Notes from the Field

Accuracy Basics

Accuracy BasicsSome shooters are very focused on accuracy. Here is a checklist that might help your shooting results.1 – The scope must be mounted correctly. One quick way to check your scope is to place a carpenter’s level across the top of your limb pockets and orient the crossbow to a perfectly level position. Use […]

Ruger Invests in Kodabow Pictured is our good friend, Rick, who lives in Michigan with a few of his favorite shooting tools. Nothing says Made in America like a Ruger .44 Magnum, a Ruger M77 in .30-06., and a Kodabow Big Rhino crossbow.   Long ago, when this writer was 16 years old, Dad and […]

Target Shooting in the UK We  started following the shooting exploits of a new Kodabow target shooter in the United Kingdom. He shared a story with us that we found very interesting and we decided to print his narrative in full detail. Thank you Sean  – congratulations on your finish!“It’s a windy wet Saturday morning and […]

33 Elements in Crossbow Performance

Many crossbow buyers only look at a few specs and make a quick purchase decision. Mark Gurnee – builds triggers and crossbows at Kodabow. Kodabow people are hunters. Let’s examine how it all works and look at some of the important elements that need consideration for “satisfying” crossbow hunting. Crossbows are complex – as complicated as a modern semi-automatic […]

Dealing with Arrow Variance

This is a technical article and to fully understand the message, you will need to follow along. On Saturday, Kodabow was shooting with an outdoor writer. We numbered three brand new arrows – #1 , #2 and #3 and stepped back to 40 yards. The first shot sequence is shown as the orange dots. Arrow […]

Accuracy and the Kodabow Experience

“There is no greater feeling than shooting a projectile and watching it perform as intended.” – Chuck Matasic, Kodabow To the left is the cover page of the 2011 Barnes Bullet catalog. The picture depicts a spent .30 caliber X-Bullet perfectly mushroomed that was recovered from a game animal after a 200 yard shot in […]

Kodabow Crossbow News

9 days straight ….. 2000 arrows ….. zero issues.A gentleman purhased a Kodabow the other day.He already owned a crossbow but fell out of love with that bow saying it just wouldn’t shoot accurately for him. He did plenty of research and thought Kodabow would be his next crossbow. After shooting a Kodabow at 20, […]

How to shoot 2,000 Crossbow Arrows

2,000 arrows fired at the Eastern Sports Show! Ask anyone who visited with Kodabow at this very large trade show that just wrapped us this week. 2,000 arrows — and it required 9 days of straight shooting and we did it with a single crossbow. Zero issues.We had a chance to talk with a lot […]

Archery Trade Show – 2012

Kodabow just returned from the 2012 Archery Trade Show held this week in Columbus, Ohio. (January 2012) We had a great show. This is an “industry show” and is primarily attended by the media, manufacturers, dealers and distributors. It is an opportunity to stand on a carpet for 8 hours a day over three days. […]

Pricing, Crossbows and Costs of Different Things

How does pricing work and what is the value of a purchase? This past weekend, we spent a few minutes thinking about “cost.” It began with travel to Penn State University to attend a graduation ceremony. After checking the internet, we found a nice room for $99.00. We called the same hotel directly to ask […]

Hunting, Crossbows and the Funny Stuff

Success — you have taken a nice animal and it’s picture time. Some of the best memories are the funny things and the funny people you meet along the way before the photos are taken. When in Africa and being introduced to my PH (professional hunter) by the Head PH, he said you will enjoy […]

Ground Stands vs. Tree Stands

Imagine a deer glancing in the brush looking for the deadly serious Kodabow hunter. When it’s hard to pick out the human shape — you have unlocked the secret of selecting a high performance ground stand. It is official. You can get a lot closer to deer on the ground than you ever will from […]

Whitetail Deer – Admirable in Every Way

Whitetail deer are impressive in every way. Look closely at this 8 point buck taken a few years ago. This style of mount is called a “European Mount” and displays the exposed and whitened deer skull on a oak board. This style has become popular and now plastic replica skulls can be purchased that allow […]

Crossbows and Tree Stands

Just finished a phone call with a gentleman in the hospital. He fell 30 feet from his treestand and I agree with his surgeon that he is “lucky to be alive.” Lots of broken bones but he will walk again. 30 feet is a long way. The odds must be something like a 1% survival […]

Why I fell out of love with Mechanical Broadheads

Mechanical Broadheads vs. “Cut – on – Contact”Those mechanicals look cool and a lot of hunters love them but I will take a cut-on-contact broadhead always as my first choice. There is a nice looking “one piece” cut on contact broadhead pictured. I tallied reviews at a large sporting goods store for a popular mechanical […]