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Archery Range Overview

The Kodabow archery range is located in Exton, PA and is a barn. The barn has a lot of character. That’s about the best thing about the barn but it is a fun place to shoot and have some fun while launching arrows. PLEASE CALL AND SET AN APPOINTMENT TIME TO USE THE RANGE FACILITY.

If you’d like to learn more about Kodabow’s Archery Range and Teaching Philosophy, please visit

Archery Range Instruction

Oriented towards traditional archery (recurve and longbows) and crossbow instruction when requested. The training objectives are geared towards assisting the student in becoming totally independent in their pursuit of archery. A hunting orientation can be emphasized upon request.

Crossbows by Kodabow!

We make the very best hunting crossbows in the world in our Pennsylvania facility. Visitors interested in crossbows always find the Kodabow experience rewarding. We also enjoy recurve bows and traditional archery for the simplicity and lower overall cost of ownership. These types of  bows are fun to shoot for recreation as well as in pursuit of game and can last for many years, if not decades, with care. These bow choices can be great entry points to archery and hunting.

Shooting and Target Bows

We offer a selection of recurve and longbows — that is, vertical bows,  at our Pennsylvania facility that will serve the needs of a youth archer to an adult hunter. These bows offer excellent value and are far better than wasting money on a lower quality purchase. They range in price from $119 to $269.

Recurve Bow Specifications

  • Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Draw Weights: 15# to 55#
  • Lengths: 48″ to 68″
  • Contact Kodabow for specific assistance based on intended use.

The bottom line is that archers will buy these bows and may never feel as if they need another bow.

If you’d like to learn more about Kodabow’s Archery Range and Instruction, please visit