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Building amazing recurve limb crossbows in West Chester, PA for over a decade, with a simple design that works in the most demanding situations. Tough components and fewer moving parts keeps you in the field. Whether it's "game on" in Africa, Texas or Ohio, you can depend on innovative features like a quiet limb design, firearms grade trigger, a slick anti-dry fire system and a full length machined rail and receiver coupled to adjustable AR components. These crossbows are quiet, accurate, powerful and built to stay that way shot after shot.


Wednesday, 17 August, 2022 - For Information, Kodabow ceased bow production in 2021 coincident with the retirement of the Founder, Chuck Matasic, and at this time, do not see restarting product anytime soon. We attempted to determine a pathway forward with buyers based on the solid performance and durability of our product but that solution has not emerged. The company has ceased shipping and operations as Kodabow Inc. as a result of the retirement impact, COVID and recent supply chain chalenges) but past customers who may need a part or support can email to and we will see what is possible through a 3rd party entity. THIS WEBSITE IS MAINTAINED AT THIS TIME FOR REFERENCE ONLY. For traditional archery instruction, visit
Over the last decade, there has been no equal to Kodabow Crossbows for dependable performance and effectiveness in the field. From Africa to Pennsylvania, these bows have delivered tremendous value and performed in the most demanding circumstances ..... whether the quarry on the hunt was Whitetail Deer. Elk, Hogs, Turkey, Plains Game, Hippo or Cape Buffalo - hunters have used Kodabow Crossbows with high confidence.

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Crossbow Products

At Kodabow, we build recurve limb crossbows in the USA
using state of the art manufacturing processes and materials.

Recurve Crossbows
by Kodabow

Kodabow crossbows are built on a common core platform that weighs 8.3 lbs including basic grip, scope rail and stock components. All of our crossbow models weigh the same and have the same geometry. The bow spans 34" in width and is 27" when cocked. The length is 34" to 38" because of the adjustable stock. We engineer each recurve limb set per its weight class. That means the Kodabow 185 lb limbs are made slightly different than the 200 lb limbs. (The other way to do it is to make one set of limbs and pull them


Overall weight is a funny thing when it comes to crossbows. Because our crossbow has an exact "midpoint balance", most shooters find the Kodabow very easy to handle. View the short video on the EL-2 sling (see videos section of our homepage) if weight is a concern. With the EL-2 sling, you can still hunt and stalk all day long with a cocked and loaded Kodabow and be instantly ready to go. With the full length rail underneath the crossbow, you can also attach an accessory bipod, put on your ghillie suit, and go to a prone position on the ground if circumstances dictate.

"What model would be best for me?"

Our answer is that most shooters should begin their search with a Koda-Express 185 or a Zulu 200. These are very stout crossbows and will take any game animal in North America but offer a great combination of lower noise, high speed, extended string life, and ease of loading . These are the most popular Kodabow models. The 225 Big Rhino is the beast of the lineup and offers slightly faster speeds with increased cocking effort but at 40 yards, performance is similar to the lighter weight models.

Recursive Crossbows

Kodabow - Simulated Hunt

The Kodabow Way

Initial Crossbow Assembly

Kodabow 360 Degrees!

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