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Iron Man 18

Iron Man 18"

Kodabow Square Crossbow Target 18" x 18". SPECIAL SALE -$99.99 We deduct $10.00 when shipping East of the Mississippi making your cost $89.99. You will charged a lower amount when we process your order. Crossbow Target 18" x 18" x 10". This target will stop crossbow arrows and is similar in construction to the Bag Target but the key is that material is more densely packed. Shoot from either side just like a Bag Target. At Kodabow, we speed test every crossbow and use this model everyday and it holds up after repetitive shots to the same area through the chronograph. IT HOLDS UP! Designed with structural support vs. "bag" models. This densely packed target is easy to transport and suitable for camp and home use.This is the crossbow target that will stop high speed crossbow arrows and provide long lasting service.
Price: $99.99