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Recurve Traditional Bow

Recurve Bow - 62" (SPECIAL PURCHASE) You wouldn't expect to find a product like this at Kodabow --- but are roots are in traditional archery and if you have ever thought about going down the "stick and string" road as you tire of hitting everything you aim at with your Kodabow, this is your answer. You will miss.This is a takedown 3-piece recurve bow that is basically a blast to target shoot but also will serve as a superb hunting choice. This recurve will not break the bank and we can help you choose the optimal draw weight. We teach traditional archery at the Kodabow range facility and sell a few models of superb performing value bows. We have a number of these bow in stock in both Left Hand and Right Hand Models in draw weights between 35# to 55#. If you are interested in traditional archery - give us a call. We sell these bows at a deeply discounted rate - (not advertised.) Please call if there is an interest! We set the bow up correctly with a tied on nocking point and can provide other accessories including arrows and protective gear. YOU MUST CALL KODABOW at 484-947-5471 TO BUY AT THE PRICE POINT WE OFFER!
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