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Dangerous Game Bow

This bow is Special Order only and is intended to hunt large African Game. It has been proven in Africa and uses a double limb design to cast HEAVY arrows at highly effective speeds. Expected speeds resulting from 3rd party customer testing and based on various weight arrows is: Arrow Weight - 703 grains - 290 fps, Arrow Weight - 900 grains - 268 fps, Arrow Weight - 1000 grains - 255 fps, Arrow Weight - 1255 grains - 234 fps, The initial design prototype was tested in Africa and resulted in killing the #1 SCI Hippo in 4 minutes with 2 well placed arrows traveling 6 feet through the animal and achieving pass through. The bow is capable of generating up to 152 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy and more importantly, 1.302 Momentum with a penetration Coefficient of 197.9. This crossbow is for serious hunting situations and when combined with HEAVY arrows, is our recommended choice for Cape Buffalo as one example.
Price: $1,899.00