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International Shipping

Kodabow calculates International Shipping per order and will email the shipping charges to our International Customers prior to shipment so they know the shipping costs and can remit the proper amount. Shipping charges vary by country. Kodabow typically ships using US Postal Service (Priority Mail International) or Fedex (International Economy). Both Services normally deliver in 6-10 days. Most crossbow shipments cost approximately $120.00 and Accessory Orders will vary from $50.00 to $80.00 depending on the specific shipment. Small items can shipped at reduced rates. Select this Product Code to transfer $50.00 to Kodabow per Quantity -1 for shipping costs. We charge the exact amount and for example, if three (3) units are selected (3 x $50.00 = $150.00) but actual costs are $110.00, your credit card will only be charged $110.00.
Price: $50.00