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Bow Selection Guidance

Which Kodabow is right for you? All of our bows are very accurate and they are all made the same way. Every bow ships with a Range Target --- that means we shoot every bow. Your ultimate satisfaction will be enhanced by selecting the right Kodabow Crossbow for you. Here is some guidance about each of our most popular hunting crossbows for your consideration. Koda-Express 185 lb - Highly popular and this bow always earns 100% customer satisfaction. It is quick and will shoot a heavier 410 grain hunting arrow above 300 fps. It will drop a 500 lb Black Bear in its tracks. It is easier to cock so you will shoot the Koda-Express more frequently and consequently be more proficient. Folks who shoot our entire line end up picking this bow most often because they say "why would I want anything more." If you are a smaller or average size adult ...or older ... or new to crossbows, or are pretty much a Bear, Deer, Turkey hunter, this bow is worthy of serious consideration and is a great choice. Bravo Zulu 200 lb - A super nice bow with slightly more speed (+ 15- 20 fps.) Chuck shoots this bow and has been shooting it for years. He is 6'2" and 245 lbs and cocking is not an issue. Ballistics are slightly flatter than the Koda-Express. The difference is that the Koda-Express will normally be sighted in 3/4" high at 20 yards and the arrow profile will be similar to the Bravo Zulu. That is not much difference. We have one customer who routinely kills an Elk at 60 - 65 yards each year with his Bravo Zulu but we always recommend to stay within 50 yards for all of our bows. If you intend to go after Elk, Moose or larger Bears or are above average in strength/size, the Bravo Zulu is a consideration. Zulu Scout (200 lb) and Big Rhino (225 lb) These bows shoot a little quicker yet. The Big Rhino is not recommended for smaller adults and the new Zulu Scout with its shorter length comes at you pretty quick over a short distance when cocking so these bows are not great bows for the range where repetitive cocking is the norm because they will flat out wear you down but they are great hunting bows. If you are an experienced crossbow shooter, these bows will also have appeal because of their raw recurve power. Some larger shooters actually find the Zulu Scout too short and like the longer rail length on the classic line of bows where they can position the vertical grip far forward and stretch out a bit when holding the bow. A customer recently killed a 2,000 lb Eland with a Zulu Scout at 45 yards so both of these bows are very capable of the most demanding situations including dangerous game.
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