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KillZone Replacement Blades

Killzone Replacement Blades: The Killzone blades are thicker than most mechanical heads out there but they can get dinged up with shooting especially through bone -- so our guidance is that if the main body on a Killzone is still in good shape, save money ....yes save money like about 50% vs. buying new.....by replacing the cutting components and the spring clip and have yourself a brand new broadhead. Each broadhead requires 2 blades, a new spring clip and a new triangular cutting head and this pack includes enough to "redo" 3 broadheads completely. Kodabow has standardized on the 100 gr. Killzone because of our use of heavy brass inserts at the front of our Kodabow Magnum .338 arrows ..........but know that this kit works on both 100 gr. and 125 gr. Killzone main body platforms.
Price: $19.99