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Complete Strung Limb Set - This is a fully strung Limb Set that is ready to go and is the quickest way to change draw weights and shoot different limb sets. Order any Kodabow Limb Set. Note that a Zulu Scout Limb Set must be used with a Zulu Scout rail and that rail must be ordered separately. The limb set comes fully strung and ready to go ..... the limb pockets are machined from a solid block of aluminum, the limbs are a matched set and the close tolerances ensure maximum accuracy. Specify Draw Weight. Alpha-Strike, Koda-Express, Bravo Zulu and Big Rhino limb sets are interchangeable with each other and the standard Kodabow rail. Zulu Scout Limbs (200 lb) are available in Camo only and can only be used with the shorter Zulu Scout rail. Typically, limb sets are offered only in Camo but other limb colors can be available from time to time. If limb colors other than Camo are desired, please email or call.
Price: $300.00