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ZS - Conversion Kit

Shooters like the reduced size of the Zulu Scout and for the crossbow enthusiast who enjoys alternatives, the Zulu Scout Conversion Kit might be for you. It is a shorter rail, a shorter bowstring and a shorter set of limbs. (This is not a fully strung riser and will require the use of a Destringing Aid to install the Zulu Scout option. If you own a Kodabow and like the Zulu Scout option, this kit is for you. You save a few bucks and will receive Zulu Scout Limb Set, a Zulu Scout String, 2 Reduced Size Rubber Stops and a Zulu Scout Rail. (4 items) Note: You will use your standard Destringing Aid to remove the existing bowstring and then remove the limbs. Exchange the existing Rubber Stops installed on the Limb Pockets for the Reduced Size Rubber Stops which ship with the kit. Shorten the standard length Destringing Aid by 3" to permit the installation of the shorter length Zulu Scout limbs and String or consider purchasing a second Destringing Aid. The rail will be hard coat black in color and similar to your existing rail unless you contact the factory and specifically request the Dark Grey Finish.
Price: $254.99