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** Zulu Scout **

Like any Kodabow, this crossbow will not disappoint. Like every Kodabow, you will not find a more finely crafted crossbow that will endure and perform well over time. A 10% overall smaller footprint than the Bravo Zulu makes the Zulu Scout a nimble and powerful choice with an engineered limb system and rail that delivers 342 fps and 95 ft-lbs to 127 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy. Here is a summary of ballistic performance: * 342 fps with a 350 gr Arrow * 322 fps with a 410 gr Arrow (95 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy) * 250 fps with a 900 gr Arrow (127 ft-lbs of Kinetic Energy) The 900 gr Arrow is a Super Heavyweight Arrow for special applications and the heavier arrow does well at absorbing maximum energy delivered by the Zulu Scout. The Zulu Scout offers low noise and vibration while maintaining the proven limb shape and design that has proven itself from Wisconsin to Zambia. The Zulu Scout is a couple inches narrower...(4 inches uncocked less width than the standard Bravo Zulu to be exact.) (31 inches uncocked - 24 3/4" cocked.) While Kodabow will never eliminate the top selling "BZ" from the Kodabow lineup, the Zulu Scout will appeal to a hunter demanding flawless and reliable performance, precision accuracy and smaller package than the standard Kodabow lineup. This crossbow features a unique two-tone appearance with the arrow rail and scope hardcoated Olive Grey contrasting with the black hardcoated trigger group and other accessories. Appearance is A+ from a hunting perspective and the bow screams "Amazing US Made Quality" versus a world that chases more plastic and inferior components at every turn. There is no substitution for the confidence that a shooter has with a Kodabow in hand. The crossbow is 24 3/4" wide string end to string end when fully cocked and has an overall length of 33" to 37" with the collapsible AR stock. A shortened rail and a 12" powerstroke can make the Scout slightly more challenging to cock since the full weight comes at you pretty quick. The bow accepts a standard 20" Kodabow Magnum .338 arrow (or any 20" Flat Nock Arrow) for optimal downrange performance. Weight is a balanced 8 lbs (without optics.) This crossbow ships as configured with Camo Limbs, two tone rail and scope rail, Black AR Stock, Black Pistol Grip, Black Adjustable ForeGrip, Illuminated 3x32 Scope and like every Kodabow, the scope is factory installed and the bow is test fired, sighted in at 20 yards and shipped with an actual range target identifying the bow serial number and arrow serial number used in testing. (We use one of the SuperPak arrows if a SuperPak is ordered with the bow.) We also include a Manual Cocking Rope and the Destringing Aid with every Kodabow --- they come with the bow - no extra charge. While other Kodabow crossbows offer limb interchangeability, the Zulu Scout is designed to be used only with the supplied limbs and rail. We simply believe you can't make a finer crossbow than these Kodabow Crossbows when all factors required for superior crossbow hunting performance are considered. Watch our Kodabow videos on YouTube and become a believer too!
Price: $1,079.99