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Hands Free Light Mount w Tactical Light

After spending time with a flashlight expert and having several brands and types spread across our desk, We put together one of the slickest flashlight packages with an impressive "Made in the USA" multi-tool mount and hunted with it this past season. The end result - we were simply blown away. This is a UNIQUE MOUNT that can be used with most small flashlights PLUS A GREAT HIGH TECHNOLOGY FLASHLIGHT. Far more than a "hat clip" though our photo shows that application. The illumination is intense and more than required to follow a blood trail on the darkest of nights. Two strong grade "Neodymium Magnets" allow positioning on steel objects like a truck fender, electric panel, steel ladder stand or tool box. The light itself can also be attached to the magnets for versatile multi-position mounting. The B-Lit mount is the smallest, lightest and most versatile way to position a light for hands free use. This combo includes both a B-Lit Mount and PowerTac E2 light with maximum 140 lumens and up to 260 hours run time in the low Firefly setting. That means you could use the light as a "nightlight" in your tent for several days ... there is a choice of 5 different light intensity settings - High, Medium, Low, Real Low (Firefly or Moonbeam Mode as some folks call it) plus a high flash rate strobe. We clipped the B-Lit with the Tac Light to our belt while travelling in the dark to illuminate our path and leave both hands free. We carried just the Tac Light in a shirt pocket for quick and safe exits from a tree stand in the dark after shooting hours ended. Basically - a flashlight larger than this size will be a burden in a pocket in both size and weight and any flashlight requiring special batteries will be a real hassle with added costs so we like the AA option. If you have ever field dressed a deer in the dark and held a flashlight in your teeth to get the job done and wondered if there is a better way - there is. The included mount includes a hanging hook so we found that better way on a moonless night after tracking down our kill! Hang the TACLT in a branch and get the work done safely without stress. We carry a spare AA battery in the B-Lit mount right alongside the mounted Tac Light and are fully prepped. Ensure one is in your Pak so when the sun sets, be ready to go! $44.99
Price: $44.99