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Kris Bassett

Kodabow Pro Staff - Western States Kris (aka Kristopher Sean Bassett) is an Idaho man who is in the outdoors year round. In his 30’s and still a youngster, Kris chooses Kodabow because of the build quality and “Made in the USA” heritage. As our Western States Pro Staffer, Kris knows Mule Deer, Elk ,Turkeys and all the critters West of the Mississippi. Kris is the real deal and has been in archery since age 10 and started shooting and fishing long before that. Like a lot of folks, Kris just ordered a Kodabow online after doing research and brown box showed up on the porch. A few days later, we were real surprised at the Kodabow factory because there was a photo of Kris and a nice Elk taken at 50 yards with his new Bravo Zulu. That bow must of still had the Instruction Manual attached --- probably the quickest shipment to hunting success in history. We call Kris our “Elk Expert” and he was successful again the following year. Kris is a devout born again Christian and a family man with a Silver Lab, a lovely wife and a son and daughter. If you can't reach him, he is in the woods or on the water. Phone at 208-251-5933 and Email: stealthshooter1@yahoo.com
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