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Joe Palumbo

Kodabow Pro Staff - New Jersey. Joe is a serious hunter and his choice is the Bravo Zulu for his hunting pursuits. He has plenty of trigger time at the practice range with archery equipment and can provide terrific perspective on accuracy and shooting. He is experienced in Deer, Turkey and Bear hunting in NJ plus does a little Whitetail Taxidermy and Surf Fishing in his spare time. Joe also hunts with the Muzzleloader and Shotgun. After NJ legalized crossbow use in 2009, Joe took interest in crossbows for Whitetail Deer hunting which offered another alternative to his vertical compound bow. Joe is always preparing for his next hunt and enjoys the opportunity to share information about Kodabow, field tactics, and hunting equipment. Joe can be reached at 32firefighter@comcast.net or 609-439-9769.
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