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Stanton D. Rush

Stanton D. Rush - ProStaff Youth Member - Pennsylvania We all had help along the way to find our way in the field. When you meet a young man that has absorbed those lessons of the woods well, is an enthusiastic crossbow enthusiast, and appreciates quality gear - that is a perfect combination for Kodabow. Sizing up the youngster, we notice the bone handled hunting knife at the ready position carried proudly on his belt. His camo clothing says, "I am serious hunter." Stan is ready to go. We watch as he effectively takes a solid offhand position and pulls his Kodabow in tight to make a perfect shot. We applaud his shooting ability as he takes game at 40 yards with a well placed and confident crossbow shot placed right in kill zone. At 12 years old, Stan represents the next generation in archery hunting. We are proud to have Stan associated with Kodabow and wish him the best as he chases whitetail, turkey and bear. As a competitive crossbow shooter, Stan should enjoy every success in the years ahead. Stan can be contacted by mail or email at www.kodabow.com
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