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Crossbow Dropped

kodabow one tough bow my saturday evening hunt went sour quick when my kodabow took a header off a 15 foot ladder stand hitting the stand 2 times on the way down with a broadhead loaded. i was sick after looking down i was my kodak camera and mount broke off the bow laying beside the bow other than that the only mark i could see was where the bow pinched my sling against the stand cutting my sling i finished my hunt without incident that night. sunday noon i couldnt wait to set my target to check my bow to see if i had nocked anything off, my target was set at 28 yards i used the 30 yard pin shot two arrows both arrows where touching each other 1 inch high left and right was perfect and everything was intact whats amazing is that the bow took a fall like that and never went off and never went out of alignment i fixed the camera mount and imready to rock and roll monday night - Mike Strickhouser Biglerville, PA
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