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Mark Gurnee

Kodabow Pro Staff - Pennsylvania ------- Traditional archer and crossbow hunter who prefers and is very successful in stalking game with binoculars and getting real close. With solid opinions on what works based on years of hunting experience, Mark is the classic hunter. ------- Mark can be reached at 484-947-5471. When the rest of the world seems to move to the beat of treestands and the quest for the fastest and most powerful hunting equipment, Mark knows best that when it comes to hunting, it is ultimately the skill of the hunter that matters most. When deer walk past Mark at 3 yards as he holds his traditional 170 fps bow that has killed many nice animals, we know he probably has forgotten more than many of us will ever know. When crossbow hunting, Mark's greatest asset (next to his Kodabow) is his Swarovski binoculars as he silently and quietly moves through the woods. Mark's knowledge of the Kodabow product performance is unsurpassed. Mark can be reached at 484-947-5471.
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