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Chuck Matasic

Kodabow Pro Staff - Pennsylvania -------Chuck grew up with an intense passion for hunting and started archery hunting with a Bear recurve and then migrated to compound crossbows in 1980. His extensive hunting experience helps shape the Kodabow product line and he can be reached at 610-620-4352 or kodabow@gmail.com ---- When it comes to practical hunting experience, Chuck, like others on the Kodabow Pro Staff, have been there, tried different things and done it. With experience stalking game in Africa, hunting mulies and antelope in Wyoming, hunting ducks in Louisiana or chasing turkeys in Pennsylvania with his Kodabow, hunting is a big priority and Kodabow counts on Chuck for insights into what really works in the field. Chuck brings a solid knowledge of firearms and archery to Kodabow and it shows up in small things in the Kodabow product offering. You will find Chuck and his beloved, Lab, Sam, at trade shows shooting Kodabow. ------- Chuck can be reached at 610-620-4352 or kodabow@gmail.com
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