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“Last night I had the opportunity to test my Kodabow Rhino under actual hunting conditions. A big doe came in and held at 23 yds. Not a broadside shot, but better then quartering towards me. After all my practice, I knew I could execute this shot and took it. Penetrated the left shoulder,through 1 lung and cut the heart in half, then exited thru the sternum. She crumpled up within 40 yds. As I watched her go down, 3 more deer approached my stand. This crossbow is quiet! Would never had expected deer to come in right after the shot but the sound was minimal. Used a Rage 2 blade 100 grain crossbow broadhead with lumenocks. Two days later, Kodabow delivered again! Nice little 8pt came by. Only opportunity he gave me was 33 yds away. Complete penetration with the Rage 2 blade 100 grain broadhead. Only made it 43 yds before piling up. Accuracy has a new definition - KODABOW!! This bow is everything Kodabow told me it would be and more! Thanks Kodabow!" - Rick Bylo - Michigan” (Rick would later join the Kodabow Pro Staff)
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