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Recurve Crossbows by Kodabow

kodabow crossbow diagram - major features Kodabow Trigger Grouprear stock crossbow crossbow safety Crossbow Scope Rail Anti Dry Fire Crossbow Machined Rail Crossbow Crossbow Machined Riser Limbs for Crossbows

Trigger Group

KodaBow Cam Following Trigger System (CFT™) delivers smooth trigger pull at 3.5 lbs with a solid break for improved accuracy. Internal dry fire and safety mechanisms integrated with CFT.

Rear Stock

Military style AR-15 Adjustable Stock with AR-15 compatible rear pistol grip.

Automatic Safety

  1. Safety engages when bow is cocked
  2. Safety lever is ambidextrous on both RH and LH of receiver
  3. Receiver is marked with "Fire" and "Safe" positions

Scope Rail

  • Aluminum rail Integrated with receiver
  • Picatinny Rail Upper and Lower Surface (some models)

Anti Dry Fire Mechanism

Kodabow crossbows do not fire without an arrow on the rail depressing the dry fire mechanism. Anti-dry fire indicator lever visually shows mechanism activation.

Machined Riser

Revolutionary "keyed" Riser to Rail interface ensures perfect and consistent rail to riser alignment. Integrated vibration string dampening pods lower sound at firing.

Machined Rail Construction

  • Solid aluminum rail eliminates sound resonance
  • SRT™ (Solid Rail Technology)
  • Multiple accessory attachment locations
  • Picatinny rail surfaces (up to 5 separate areas on KodaBow)
  • Touch points at rail area to encourage safe hand placement when firing

Recurve Limbs (DFES™ Limbs)

  • Dynamic Flex Energy Storage (DFES™) Limbs
  • Dual, recurve limb construction
  • Bow string can be field changed by the hunter with bow stringer accessory rope
  • High action limb ends with circular limb end string alignment for reduced string wear

Kodabow crossbows are built on a common core platform that weighs 8.3 lbs including basic grip, scope rail and stock components. All of our crossbow models weigh the same and have the same geometry. The bow spans 34" in width and is 27" when cocked. The length is 34" to 38" because of the adjustable stock. We engineer each recurve limb set per its weight class. That means the Kodabow 185 lb limbs are made slightly different than the 200 lb limbs. (The other way to do it is to make one set of limbs and pull them back further and further to get higher draw weights. We don't like that idea.)

limb option: Camouflage
Big Rhino 225
Zulu 200
Koda-Express 185
limb option: Desert Digital
Zulu 200
Koda-Express 185

Overall weight is a funny thing when it comes to crossbows. Because our crossbow has an exact "midpoint balance", most shooters find the Kodabow very easy to handle. View the short video on the EL-2 sling (see videos section of our homepage) if weight is a concern. With the EL-2 sling, you can still hunt and stalk all day long with a cocked and loaded Kodabow and be instantly ready to go. With the full length rail underneath the crossbow, you can also attach an accessory bipod, put on your ghillie suit, and go to a prone position on the ground if circumstances dictate.

We are frequently asked "what model would be best for me?"
Our answer is that most shooters should begin their search with a Koda-Express 185 or a Zulu 200. These are very stout crossbows and will take any game animal in North America but offer a great combination of lower noise, high speed, extended string life, and ease of loading . These are the most popular Kodabow models. The 225 Big Rhino is the beast of the lineup and offers slightly faster speeds with increased cocking effort but at 40 yards, performance is similar to the lighter weight models.

All crossbows require an optical sighting system. The crossbows are built around a unique recurve limb design that delivers energy with a short 14" power stroke making the crossbow easier to cock. One of the most remarkable features of the bow is the low noise signature when shooting. The crossbow is exceptionally quiet. All models include the patented CFT™ Trigger (Cam Following Trigger), an integrated SRT™ (Solid Rail Technology) Modular Core which is lightweight, noise reduced and a convenient way to customize and add accessories. All models have our unique limb technology which integrates new applications of physics to store and release energy called Dynamic Flex Energy Storage (DFES™) --- this is our proprietary dual limb configuration.

Here is what you need to know about how the current Kodabow models are defined and how they can be purchased:

  1. Draw Weights – "5 different weights available"

    Kodabow Models are defined by limb draw weight. Crossbows are offered in 125 lb, 155 lb, 185 lb, 200 lb and 225 lb models as follows:

    • Alpha Strike and Alpha Strike Lite = 125 & 155 lb draw weight rated up to 272 fps
    • Koda-Express = 185 lb draw weight rated up to 310 fps   most popular!
    • Zulu = 200 lb draw weight rated up to 330 fps   most popular!
    • Big Rhino = 225 lb. draw weight rated up to 350 fps
    • Each model is configured with different grip packages.

  2. Optics - "3x32 Illuminated Scope"

    We use a 3x32 illuminated scope and it is the standard scope on all Kodabow crossbows. It has 6 aiming points with red and green illumination features. We supply Match Mount Scope Rings with our scopes at no extra charge.

  3. Accessory Package - Super Pak

    The Kodabow SuperPak includes:

    • 9 Kodabow Magnum .338 Arrows with 100 grain Field Tips (125 gr available on request)
    • Bow String Wax
    • Kodabow crossbow string
    • EL-2 Sling
    • Backpack 5 Arrow Quiver
    • Crossbow Instructional DVD

The Super Pak is available when purchasing a crossbow and represents an exceptional value.

You should note that every Kodabow Crossbow already comes with required Allen wrenches, a Destringing Aid (which allows you to change your string in the field) and a Rope Cocking Aid as standard items so they are not included in the Super Pak. You do not need to purchase these separately. These items come with every Kodabow. The SuperPak is an exceptional value and is available at the time of crossbow purchase. Kodabow is built around hunting performance. Each crossbow, when outfitted with an accessory package, works as a system. Upon delivery, your crossbow package and hunting scope will be close to 100% zeroed in. The crossbow will require final adjustments and final sighting in, study of the Instruction Manual, and overall familiarization before heading to the field.

The components and accessories are durable. Hopefully, you will not feel the need to replace any single component after initial use because it doesn't meet expectations. It is pretty simple. A scope shouldn't fog up in a rainstorm. A sling should serve the intended purpose. Kodabow does not put cheaper price point accessories in "packages". This is more expensive in the long run when the hunter needs to replace a substandard item downstream. We strive to use all components and accessories that are MADE IN THE USA1 and have successfully accomplished that mission. This is more costly, but our components are not "cheap imports". The difference is higher quality with more conforming materials and less variance.

1 Some optics and grips are from international sources because of specific performance features. Optics are Asian sourced and some grips are manufacturerd in Israel. All other Kodabow components are Made in the USA with well over 90% of the components made right in Pennsylvania.

Features of the Kodabow

All Our Bows Have:

  • Adjustable military style stock (made in the USA)
  • 4 choices of draw weight 155 lbs, 185 lbs, 200 lbs, and 225 lbs draw weight
  • 8.3 lbs total weight
  • Matte black hard coat finish on all main component areas
  • High grade arrows with Field Points (made in the USA)
  • Kodabow Rope Cocking Aid (made in the USA by Kodabow)
  • Kodabow String Changing Aid (made in the USA by Kodabow)
  • Packaging varies by configuration
  • Full size scopes have reticles with 5 aiming points nominally 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 yards.
  • 3-Dot compact scopes have aiming points nominally at 20, 30, 40 yards.