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Why a Recurve Kodabow Crossbow?

Made in the USA with innovative features like a quiet limb design, firearms grade trigger, an anti-dry fire system that won't destroy your bowstring, full length hardcoated rail and adjustable AR components. This crossbow is quiet, accurate and powerful and stays that way shot after shot.

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Make the shot EVERY TIME!

March 17, 2014 8:22 pm

On weekends, our Kodabow factory range is used for archery instruction. We watch hundreds of shooters process information, develop form and shoot at targets. Whether shooting a traditional bow or a crossbow, here are 2 obstacles every shooter needs to overcome to make the critical ...

Making an Impression

February 19, 2014 9:12 pm

Chuck (L) & Kyle (R) with the big smile! Trade shows are a big part of the outdoor industry. Since the same vendors see each other frequently over many years, friendships are formed. A year or so ago, Kodabow attended a show in Maryland at a County Fairground...


February 19, 2014 6:18 pm

100% Genuine and Authentic is a huge compliment when dealing with people or products.   At Kodabow, it is our culture to be straightforward and we are rewarded with customers who feel very positive about our company and product. This was in an email this morning a...

Kodabow Hunter of the Year 2013 - Jim Aken

October 30, 2013 11:18 am

Each year at Kodabow, we name and recognize our Kodabow Hunter of the Year. Jim's Kodabow next to William's Kodabow in Africa. William is Jim's PH. (Professional Hunter.)  The award is based on significant accomplishment in the field with a Kodabo...

18 Yards on a Saturday Morning

October 12, 2013 11:35 pm

Saturday Morning, 12 October, 2013 Editor's Note: Listening to a hunter describe his deer hunt is never as good as writing your own story. At Kodabow, our goal is to support you in your hunting endeavors so you fully achieve your hunting ambitions with great equipment an...

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Crossbow Perspectives

Chuck Matasic - President, CEO Kodabow

"If we were only interested in "selling", we might make a cheap crossbow, put on bells and whistles or bring it over from some distant land. That is not Kodabow. We build a crossbow to hunt effectively, and it does this extremely well.

CDR Chuck Matasic, US Navy (Ret.)

Navy Seal Kodabow Testimonial

"Kodabow builds crossbows that meet the demands of rugged field use. You can hunt with confidence knowing that you are using solid equipment that delivers exceptional performance. The bow is well thought out and very straight-forward."

Dirk Macfarlane
Navy Seal (Ret.); Former Commanding Officer of Seal Team Five

Patrick Elswick with a Kodabow Crossbow Testimonial

"Kodabow makes me proud to be an American! One awesome crossbow. Watch me shoot a Kodabow."

Patrick Elswick
Killbillies Outdoors TV Show Host


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Use Shadows

Whether stalking on the ground or setting up in a tree stand with a climber, use the projected position of the sun as it moves across the sky...more tips >>

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Customer Comments

Actual written comments from shooters who have purchased Kodabow.

"Great Product! More than expected."

"50 yard Bullseyes, Nice!"

"I love this crossbow. Very Happy."

"Great shooting bow! Real impressed."

"Wow. There were many other adjectives but I thought 'Wow' was fitting. Can't wait to shoot it. It looks and feels awesome...Quality."

"Great trigger – very accurate – critters are in trouble – made to military specs."

"Good Quality crossbow."


"Great Bow!!"

"Great product. The testimonials of others speak for itself."

"Great product. Time to put it to use."

"Staff was great."

"Great x-bow. (My 1st.)"

"Awesome right out of the box!"

"Great service, Great bow!"

"Thanks for all your help and for making a high quality crossbow in the USA."